Occurrence Action
Patient Statements Ensure 3 statements were sent out earlier.
Payment Plan If Patient is in payment plan and last payment was received within 30 days, remove the account from collections file.
Recent Payment – Patient / Insurance If received payment from patient/insurance recently within 30 days, remove the account from collections file.
Self-Pay Patient Check Medicaid website for eligibility before moving to collections. In addition, check Medicare eligibility, if patient’s age is more than 65 yrs.
Itemized Statement Request from Attorney If itemized Statement was forwarded to Attorney 45 days back, move the account to collection.
Charity Care / Financial Hardship Remove the account from collections list if charity care letter was received from hospital / patient sent us financial hardship letter with proof of income requesting discount / waiver.
Dispute Letter If patient is disputing the bill and is under review, remove account from collections file.
Death Certificate If we notice deceased certificate attached to account, adjust the balance.
Bankruptcy Letter filing for Bankruptcy was received; place a hold on the account until Dismiss or Discharge Notice.
Discharge Notice – Adjust the balance as Bankruptcy W/O or move it to client for further review.
Dismiss Notice – Move the account to Collection after 30 days